The realization of this project is the result of a synergistic collaboration between leading players, each bringing their unique expertise to bring this exceptional architectural design to life. As a developer, Parc Immobilier stands out for its avant-garde vision and commitment to innovation. Its determination to create inspiring and functional living spaces was the driving force behind every step of this exciting project.

The A.E. Schmid real estate agency plays a crucial role in marketing the project. Its in-depth knowledge of the market and its ability to present the unique features of this project to potential buyers is remarkable.

The architectural plans that have captured the imagination are the work of the CVG architectural firm. Their bold creativity, combined with solid technical expertise, has given shape to the modern aesthetics and innovative functionalities that distinguish this building. Every line drawn by CVG's architects reflects a deep understanding of contemporary needs.

Finally, general contractor Orion is responsible for bringing the architectural vision to life. Their reputation as master builders is noteworthy, and their commitment to quality and meticulous execution will ensure that every element of the design is realized with precision. The synergy between Parc Immobilier, A.E. Schmid, CVG and Orion forms the backbone of this exceptional project.

Together, they have joined forces to create a space where art, innovation and functionality meet, offering a dazzlingly modern living experience. Parc Immobilier is honored to present this magnificent new project:
Le Domaine de la Forge.